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Our suppliers


All our vegetables come from the following choices: organic farming (or equivalent), or transitioning, or from wild harvests, or solidarity pickers. (In a few exceptional cases where we have mismanaged our orders, we help ourselves out with organic Rhône Alpe or French vegetables. It doesn't happen often, about 3-4 times a year)


All our fruits come from organic farming (or equivalent), or in conversion, or from wild pickings, or solidarity pickers (they pick fruits which would otherwise have ended up not being harvested (wild or from private individuals) like our chestnuts), most of them are from Isère, but with climatic hazards becoming more and more regular, and the organic fruit sector having deficiencies in Isère, we fall back on fruits from the Drôme neighboring region, or at the furthest, from France in extreme cases (except for our citrus fruits which are from Corsican, Italian or very rarely Spanish organic farming)

...For the rest of our products, we always give priority to Isère organic farming. If a product is not available all year round in organic Isère agriculture (like legumes or cereals where the production is not sufficient for the demand), we will look to Rhône Alpes, then to France, and as a last resort, to the neighboring countries. The only products coming from outside Europe are all from organic farming. (Namely chocolate, coffee, tea, spices)

Fruits et légumes

Fournisseurs permanents :

Ferme de l’envers (Revel, 16km)
GAEC l’amapola (Moirans, 22km)

Le potager des mille saveurs (Châbons, 40km)
Jardins de Vernette (Renage, 27km)

Mille pousses (Grenoble, 3km)

Cueillette sauvage à Grenoble, en Chartreuse, en Belledonne et dans le Vercors

Sur la bonne pente (Saint martin le Vinoux, 5km)

Fournisseurs occasionnels :

Mangez bio isère

GAEC de la souris verte (Eyzin-Pinet 38)

Casabio Berriat

La ferme des Jacquières (Anneyron, 80km)

Les Jardins de Prabert (Revel, 16km)

Champiloop (Eybens, 8km)



Mangez bio Isère

Relais Vert

Biocoop Berriat

Epicerie sèche

Julien's mill (Serpaize, 38)

Alliance Organic (Lot et Garonne)

Aventure Bio (reseller)
Gaec de la Souris verte (Eyzin-Pinet, 38)
Moulin de Chardeyre (Mens, 38)
Emile Noel (Pont Saint Esprit, 30)
Natur’avenir (Carpentras, 84)
Celnat (Blavozy, 43)
Eat organic Isere (reseller)
Relais Vert (reseller)

Balsamerie la Clandestine (Izeron, 38)


Drac Distillery (Champ sur Drac, 38)
Vercors Distillery (Saint Jean en Royans, 38)
L’entropie Distillery (Autrans, 38)

Chavanay Distillery (Chavanay)

Renard Distillery (Gignac)
Awen Nature (La bouxiere, 26)
Lachanenche (Méolan Revel, 04)


Symples (Lyon, 69)
Archibald (Bordeaux, 33)
Maison Carle (Loriol, 26)
OXFAM (Belgium) (We work with OXFAM drinks to support an NGO which does crucial ecological and social work in our eyes)


Spice Square (Drap, 06)

Spices of Shira (Paris, 75)

Produits d'entretien

Biokimbo (Colmar, 68)


"Sur les chemins de terre", Aurélie Fournier (she makes all our new projects)

Aurélie Morin


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