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Grenoble has talent

Want to give local gifts?  

Think of the artists and artisans who continue to send by post or who have a collection system on site! We keep the local economy running, and at the same time we encourage artists from Grenoble!

Our doors being closed, we cannot accommodate them physically, so we have  set up this space to bring together the artists and craftswomen of Grenoble who have made or will soon be visiting us to thank them


Ceramic, black sandstone and raku

We had little time to present you the new pieces that Aurélie made for us, but we are already in love with them! A delicate, precise and controlled work which results in unique pieces. Raku, black stoneware, ceramic, many styles are discussed, you just have to choose.

  • For the people of Grenoble: She delivers to you for free by bike! (You can contact her by phone or email to order without shipping costs)

  • For others: She also ships her parts :)

If you see pieces on her social networks that are not on her store, contact her, they may be available

Julia belle

Linocuts, embossings and engravings

From giants of the sea to "well-being at home", Julia  tackles broad themes with simplicity. You will have the choice between linocuts, embossings, engravings!

  • For Grenoble residents: You can withdraw from La chouette dorée, a group of local artisans on Tuesdays and Saturdays

  • For others: She also has an online store

Elodie Guilland

Linocuts and illustrations
Logo PresentationElodie.jpg

A complete universe that Élodie imagines in her drawings and linocuts. Cute animals, super heroes, scenes from life depicted in a style that identifies it. She also has games for children (or adults!) And coloring

  • For others: Shipping by post on its site

Django and Coco

Watercolor illustrations and reproductions

Alison is for parents and little ones.  Playful drawings, alphabet books, numbers,  cute animals, universe, you will find several themes for your little ones!

  • Online store shipping from anywhere

A pebble in the shoe

Linocut, watercolor, prints and illustrations

Nelly shares our love for plants, so you will find fine and precise work around plants (but also many other subjects). You will soon find it on our walls, but can have it before on yours!

Contact her on Instagram, she will give you information on availability and prices.

  • For Grenoblois, withdrawal possible in the city center

  • For others, mailing available

Anaïs J Creations


Anaïs produces suspensions for plants, hangings and accessories in macrame, with jute or cotton threads GOTS and Oeko tex.

  • For Grenoblois, withdrawal possible in the city center and at the Poplocal , and free delivery in Grenoble

  • For others, sent by post to his shop

Henocque flora

Vector Illustrations

Flore mainly draws plants, she also does small black and white illustrations like an engraving. It is also available for special orders. She likes to work very small, with a lot of details, while putting a little lightness in her productions.

  • For the people of Grenoble, withdrawal possible from their workshop

  • For others, sending by post possible by contacting her on her networks

Justine beguin

Oil on canvas and drawings

Justine mainly works with oil paintings. Dragons, Egypt and abstraction, but also Grenoble are to be found on its themes.

  • consult her work on instagram or her website and contact her to check availability and prices.

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