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Gift vouchers


Gift vouchers:

We can create digital gift vouchers for you, we will send them to you the next day (during our working days!).

Here is a little detail of our prices so that you can make an informed choice on the amount you want to offer:

Menu prices per person are as follows:

3 choices - €24 / 4 choices - €28 / 5 choices - €32

For a bottle of wine count between 20 and 40 euros
Glass of wine between 5 and 8 euros
Other alcoholic drinks around 5-8 euros per drink
Non-alcoholic drinks around 3-6 euros per drink

Once you have an idea of what you want the gift to be, you can send us an email with  the following information:

Amount chosen

Do you want a value voucher or a voucher for specific consumption?
Name of person(s) offering
Name of person(s) for whom this voucher is intended

We will then send you our RIB back, on which you can make the transfer. If you are in a hurry you can send us proof of transfer once it has been made, or wait until we have received the transfer.

(We do not work weekends and we do not have access to the software on Monday.
Any request gift voucher placed on Friday or the weekend will be processed on Tuesday!)

Mail address:

To use the gift voucher, all those concerned need to do is present it on their phone or give us the voucher number and name on their voucher when they arrive. No need to print the voucher!

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